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Tig waits there for the prospects Jax said he'd send to help move the equipment, but August, Pope's successor, shows up instead. Toric tells Otto he'll stop having Otto raped and beaten if Otto provides information that can be used against SAMCRO, then he gives Otto a pad to write down SAMCRO's sins.Otto writes an insulting remark about Toric's sister and then kills Toric. Galen, angry that Jax wants out of guns, goes to Oswald's lumber barn and shoots and dismembers SAMCRO member Phil and a SAMCRO prospect.

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The first episode of Anarchy Afterword aired live on on the same night and is now on Season 6 DVD as extra The school shooting was committed by someone connected to Nero's cousin, who had been given a number of KG-9's.Jax has the club exact revenge against the Nazis he believes attacked the former sheriff, by killing them, planting the guns delivered by the Irish on the Nazis' rural property, and then burning down their house, making it look like an internal beef.Roosevelt orders Toric's personnel file, suspecting Toric is up to no good.While the MC fails to capture Galen, they capture a few Irish but do not kill them.The IRA elders in Ireland don't like Jax's retaliation, but Jax tries to convince them that Galen is out of control and trying to profiteer for himself.

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