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She wanted him to replace them with implants – although he was uncertain it was a good idea.

He explained that he doubted that her bones were strong enough to support the metal gnashers long term, and added that he didn't think that her gums – diseased from a twenty-a-day smoking habit – would be able to cope.

When I had to go and see the consultant the day after I was still losing a lot of blood, I was still bleeding heavily.'As he took the dressing off to check, the nipple actually just came off with the dressing'You can imagine that when Jacob was 24st the blood vessels behind that huge amount of tissue were huge too so when he loses his weight his vessels don't go away and they remain very big which means he is prone to bleeding which means we have to take our time with the surgery.' 'I can't look at myself in the mirror.

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" Pleased to see the pair had managed to stay friends despite their break up, another of Marnie's followers added: "This is so beyond cute and sets an example for all...The Geordie Shore star admits on the Channel 5 show that work she had done on her breasts left her looking like she had been "attacked by an animal." The 24-year-old decided to go under the knife in 2014, after noticing one of her boobs was higher than the other.She insists that she had no implants inserted during the surgery, just her boobs lifted and levelled to sit at the same size.The doctor Peter revealed it would take four operations to return him to a normal state.He said during surgery which removed six and a half stone of excess skin: 'One of the problems with the skin with young people who have lost a lot of weight the skin is stretched anyway so it's not the best quality material to work with.

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