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Sucking and twisting the nipples which Amanda loves.My mouth was doing the trick on her pussy was she moaned loudly, then screamed, "I'm cumming baby! " and her legs shook, trembling and vibrating against my face. " she yelled and I increased my thrust pounding harder into her wanting pussy.Amanda then began to lick and eat at Marci's pussy and soon Marci was shaking violently as her orgasm tore through her. My cock was fully erect again now and I could tell that both girls wanted more.She had two handfuls of my sister's beautiful red hair and was pulling hard to avoid falling off of Amanda's face. I climbed off the bed and took Marci to the bathroom."Amanda, open your mouth and get ready to clean Marci's pussy for her." "Okay!" she said, wiggling around and slipping under Marci's ass, forcing her head between her legs. " Marci said, giggling as she spread her legs to allow my sister better access.I tongued her and at her ass until I was sure she could handle my cock.Of course, she was moaning into Marci's mouth and wiggling her pussy around on the dildo, still stuck deep inside her.

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I then eased up and pushed her over so that I was fucking her doggie style. I began to pound her hard, holding her hips and pulling her towards me as I rammed my cock into her. I pulled my slimy cock from her drenched pussy and positioned Amanda under Marci's.As she continued to slowly fuck me, I reached for Amanda and pulled her towards me.She took the hint and straddled my face, and lowering her dripping pussy to my waiting mouth.We understand your needs, you want the best quality content whether it's solo model, cosplay, milfs, two girls at once, we deliver the best you can ask for. Once in the bedroom, I laid down on the bed and watched as my sister and Marci took turns licking and sucking my erect cock.

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