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That process would involve hearings, witnesses, evidence — a long and excruciating ordeal during which Moore could defend himself, and attack his accusers, at length. (Packwood resigned before the Senate could act.) Moore's case, with the Republican leadership pushing to expel him, would take place while the Senate GOP tries to pass legislation with a thin 52-vote majority, meaning the GOP leadership would be working with one hand to expel Moore and with the other to win his vote. And a precedent-breaking one: The Senate has never expelled a member for conduct that occurred before the member joined the Senate.

If Mc Connell and his colleagues tried to expel Moore on the basis of accusations of conduct dating to 30 to 40 years before the campaign, they would set a new and potentially dangerous precedent.

That means significantly lower turnout, and it means a high proportion of that turnout will come from the motivated supporters of Moore.

A divided Republican vote — some for Moore and some for the GOP write-in — seems guaranteed to ensure victory for Jones.

It would become far harder with a 51-seat majority.The survival of customs and traditions, of handicrafts and the old professions that have disappeared elsewhere is a unique feature that makes Molise, just like the title of a book by Italian writer Antonio Fogazzaro, an “old-fashioned world”.The region comprises the provinces of Campobasso (regional capital) and Isernia.And if they want to speed things and up and just vote to expel Moore — there's nothing in the Constitution that requires they give Moore due process — they would set an even worse precedent. 5) Moore wins, and the Senate GOP does not try to expel him. What if Moore won, and, rather than set precedent by attempting expulsion for conduct before taking office, Senate Republicans allowed him to serve?Moore would have essentially half a Senate term; if elected, he would serve the remainder of Sessions' term, meaning he would be in office until the 2020 election. They could stand by as protesters dogged Moore's every move. They could do everything they can to assure Moore is not elected to a full term in 2020.

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