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The album with the Grammy-nominated song, “The Stage,” has grown to include 7 new studio tracks and 4 live recordings from The O2 arena in London. Read More We’re excited to announce the first round of dates for “The Stage World Tour” in North America with special guests Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine. Read More The Synyster Gates School has officially opened! Read More Blabbermouth has given “The Stage” Deluxe Edition a 9.5 out of 10 stating, “A terrific album just got even better.” If you appreciated “The Stage”‘s prolonged storyline of mankind’s implosive obsession to perfect artificial intelligence …When we finished, both Noel and Liam were like: You sure you don’t want to carry on next week? S., but you make the case that they symbolized something more in England.

Or Liam wrote all the songs, or something like that.What does best is to offer a bit of insight into what the Gallaghers have been so mad about all these years, and how all that anger translated into a couple of truly excellent albums.We meet brothers with diametrically opposed dispositions: Noel, five years older, serious, introverted, and slightly repressed, with a hair-trigger temper; Liam, the baby, exuberant, extroverted, inconsiderate, and a bit unhinged. “I’m like a cat.” Another interviewee offers a more unsettling image: “Noel has a lot of buttons; Liam has a lot of fingers.”We chuckle at unearthed footage of an early gig in the States, when Liam beaned Noel with a tambourine onstage.Thanks for an incredible start to what will undoubtedly become a long and prosperous journey for us all.The Synyster Gates School isn’t just about the lessons my …

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