Mn law mandating teacher contract settlement

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She further claimed she was fired after speaking out about possible violations of federal law.

Severs, who taught special education, accused the school in 2014 of routinely moving special-education students into general-education classrooms without having had a required Individualized Education Plan meeting.

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As is the case with PEERNet this settlement data is voluntarily provided by MSBA member school districts, and, in an effort to provide more useful and detailed information, a revised “MSBA Teacher Salary Settlement Summarization Sheet” is being used for the first time for the 2013-2015 settlements.In addition, the database includes actual copies of districts’ negotiated Master Agreements and information about grievance arbitration decisions.The actual information in this extremely valuable resource is voluntarily provided by MSBA member school districts, and PEERNet itself will soon be undergoing a face lift to make it even easier to use and at the same time provide more data. Paul Public Schools has paid ,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by a former teacher who claimed students regularly abused her physically and verbally.Peggy Anne Severs last year sued the school district and former Battle Creek Middle School principal Tyrone Brookins, saying they did nothing to protect her from punches, kicks and vulgar insults.

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