Married and dating tv show

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The woman is revealed to be the provider as her hunky boyfriend says he's saving for chef school.

Russ convinces the young man to buy a classic car, getting him in trouble.

On September 30, 2014, FX renewed Married for a 13 episode second season which premiered on July 16, 2015.

Dating agent Eden Blackman has also been hinting that there was a lot more to the agents' meeting with the two than we saw in the episode, saying it was a "lot shorter than I remember".After being told by a teacher that Maya is a loner at school, Lina reluctantly agrees to bring Maya to a play date arranged by Stacey (Michaela Watkins), a woman she hates.While accompanying the kids, Russ remarks that the house looks familiar, and is able to confirm that it was used as a location in an early 90s porn movie.Russ and Lina go on a romantic getaway to reconnect, but distractions get in the way of their romance.While there, they meet the young couple that is having loud sex in the room next to theirs.

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