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On June 22, Bain's car was found with a large bloodstain on the backseat.In his trial, Baltovich claimed his innocence and accused the at the time unidentified Scarborough Rapist of being the real murderer.It is believed that he burned the bodies in a kitchen stove.Friedel Rothe, Fritz Franke, Wilhelm Schultze, Roland Huch, Hans Sonnenfeld, Ernst Ehrenberg, Heinrich Struß, Paul Bronischewski, Richard Gräf, Wilhelm Erdner, Heinz Brinkmann, Adolf Hannappel, Ernst Spiecker, Heinrich Koch, Willi Senger, Hermann Speichert, Alfred Hogrefe, Wilhelm Apel, Heinz Martin, Fritz Wittig, Friedrich Koch Part of at least 24 teenage boys lured to Haarmann's apartment, where they were raped, murdered and dismembered.Another man, Ludwig H., had been charged with stealing Rupp's vehicle.13-year-old boy kidnapped by mafiosi who wanted to silence Di Matteo's father Santino, the first collaborator (pentito) of the Sicilian Mafia with Italian justice.

Though very few of the human remains recovered from the river could be identified or connected to Haarmann, several belongings of the victims were found in possession of Haarmann, Grans, or other people who had purchased or received them as gifts from Haarmann.

However, following the discovery of the baby's clothing in an area frequented by the animals, the charges were overturned in September 1988. Guider, a pedophile who drugged his victims with Temazepam before molesting them, pled guilty to her manslaughter when he was already behind bars for other crimes.

According to Guider, Knight never recovered after being drugged, and he later buried, dug up, and re-buried her body in two different Sydney locations to evade suspicion.

The conviction relied heavily on the forgery of documents by Pándy aiming to prove that the disappeared had left the country, and the testimony of his eldest step-daughter Ágnes, who confessed to have helped Pándy murder the victims, dismember and partially dissolve the bodies in drain cleaner, and throw any remains in an Anderlecht slaughterhouse's dumpsite.

Following Pándy's arrest, the skeletons of seven women and one man were discovered buried in concrete under one of his properties, but they did not belong to his family.

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