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This essay will attend to these shifts as it makes the case for renewed consideration of Buck and her work but it is also offered as an example of world literary study based on syncretic figures like Buck who cannot be easily extricated from one or another national tradition-conjoined literary figures, we might say.

By paying closer attention to figures whose literary histories force us to consider their works in multi-lingual, multinational contexts the complex interactions of global literary systems can be made visible.

The first part will take a macroscopic vantage, tracing the rise and fall and re-emergence of Buck's literary reputation.

The second part is microscopic, detailing the formative tensions of Buck's creative life and how those tensions fed into the formation of her literary and cultural identities, especially The Good Earth and All Men Are Brothers.

The house which had long been plastered over in nondescript stucco and existed in a kind of tolerated obscurity from the 1930s until the present, had, at considerable expense, been renovated and restored to the condition when Buck and her first husband, Lossing, their disabled daughter, Carol, and her widower father resided there in the 1920s and 30s.

In many respects, this newfound clarity has been predicated on a shift in Chinese literary history and the changes in Buck's position in China.In particular, the transcultural feminism emergent in her work derives from a creative tension forged by her troubled marriage to Lossing Buck in the 1920s and 30s.What follows then, is an exploration of this in three sections.The upstairs room in which she wrote The Good Earth had been recreated based on photographic evidence and outfitted with a replica of the typewriter she had used.Once a reminder of the Western missionary presence in China and the residence of a persona non grata (hence stuccoing over the façade), the house has been remade as a monument to the origins of literary achievement. Buck (Sai Zhenzhu Hft) outside the house on the campus of Nanjing University.

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