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Although his victims were probably chosen because of their affiliation with the Ui Neill kings of the this period was specially made for them.

Examples of such metalwork are the Ardagh Chalice, the Innisfallen Crosier, and book shrines called Cumdachs.

Some monasteries passed into the control of lay people, and many kinds of abuses resulted.

In the 700's, a reform movement began, led by men called Celi De (servants of God), who preached a return to the former strictness of monastic life.

From there, he and his successors taught the Christian religion throughout much of Scotland and northern England. Columbanus went to France and Italy; Gall, to Switzerland; Kilian, to Germany; and Livinius, to the Netherlands.

ater he was called before the high king, Laoghaire, at Tara, Laoghaire was impressed with Patrick and he gave him permission to preach.odern scholars dispute this traditional account of St.Patrick's life and argue that a number of missionaries converted the Irish to Christianity, indeed it seems entirely possible that small pockets of Christianity already existed brought to the island by traders.he history of Ireland could be described with some justification as a sad catalogue of invasion upon invasion, of petty tribal infighting between each successive group, providing the opportunity for the next invaders who were usually better armed and more experienced in warfare, to gain a foothold.This lack of cohesiveness and tendency towards personal material enhancement appears to have been the ultimate downfall of almost all of Irelands invaders, as they fought among themselves, and with previously arrived groups to control the land.

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