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It has finally become clear to the world that they do not follow the teachings of Islam, and that they wish absolutely no goodwill for us, nor us for them.

Though mainstream Islam has been attacked, it is through this attack that we may have found our freedom, at last.

However, this event and its ramifications should erase any doubt of that fact.

These Salafi terrorists have, by their very actions, at once shown themselves as irreverent of the basic teachings of Islam, and declared mainstream Muslims as enemies.

In 2008, my wife and I had the opportunity to perform our pilgrimage of Hajj.

Like many other people, I found it to be a transformative experience.

It is perhaps best known because of its adherence by Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Osama Bin Laden.

Through their overreach, these Salafis have effectively surrendered their Muslim identity completely.

The American people take rightful pride in possessing a working knowledge of other cultures in our midst, especially those which attract a significant number of adherents.

Note the acceptance of Jewish traditions in the American culture.

Police stood by in tacit, and at times active support with their co-religionist attackers.

Salafism is a particularly radical movement within Wahabbist Sunni Islam, the official religion of the Saudi regime.

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