Dating etiqueete

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For under the white dinner jacket, you can wear a shirt any color of the rainbow.

If you want to wear white, though, make sure you choose pure white; ivory will make the jacket look a little yellow. : Traditional White Dinner Jacket The Ivory Dinner Jacket Speaking of ivory, choosing an ivory dinner shirt over a white dinner jacket can allow you to make a much more subtle, but still, powerfully stylish impact.

Classic Bogart style jacket with shawl lapel The White Tuxedo Jacket Picture Sean Connery as James Bond (or Timothy Dalton or Daniel Craig or whoever your Bond guy is). Make sure your white suit fits very slim; it should not look like a business suit at all. Brown or black loafers finish off this amazing outfit!

To keep the look classy and not trashy, pair your white suit with pastel shirts with pin point collars – anything else (bold colors or crazy patterns) will make it look like you are trying to hard (you are in a white suit, after all; you already have everyone’s attention). : A stylish white suit Men’s Suit Vest As long as I’m educating you on suit etiquette, be it white or any other color, I think it will be handy to include a little blurb about suit vest etiquette.

Even having them off a little will cause those to see you to do a double take. Your white tuxedo jacket must, must, must be white. : White Tuxedo in James Bond style The White Suit What if a white dinner jacket isn’t enough for you? You definitely want to be outdoors and not anywhere near a city or office building when sporting your white suit.

A white shirt under an ivory jacket is very classic Hollywood (like Bogart in Casablanca). Wearing a white suit shows how stylish you are and everyone with style knows you need a good tailor.

Before we delve too deep into white dinner jacket etiquette, it might be helpful for me to explain what a “white dinner jacket” is, how it came about and where you will usually find it.

Men’s white linen suits have always been popular because they are loose fitting, eliminating the need for a tailor.Oh, and very often on the incredibly delicious George Clooney.Let me tell you: if you are going to be wearing a white dinner jacket, you are definitely going to be getting a lot of attention; you have been warned!This look is very casual and a little “beachy”, so, while it might be appropriate to wear on a cruise, it won’t fly when meeting a new client for a business lunch in New York.Having said that, if you are lucky enough to live in the tropics or are going on a cruise in February, you and your white jacket will not be out of place.

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