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The judge said: 'I have no reason to doubt the defendants have indeed incurred £11.4m in costs.'The claimant will not be ordered to pay 100 per cent. It seems to me a figure of £5.7milliom runs little risk of being unfair to the claimant.' Mr Holyoake must pay up by 4pm on 11 January.

Mr Holyoake's wife would later claim the brothers would also row and alleged that Christian 'bullied' his brother Nick to the point that he once wound up 'crying in the foetal position' on a hotel room floor.

The judgment shows that Mr Holyoake and his accomplices are well practised liars and forgers of documents, and Mr Holyoake even lied to the Court repeatedly as part of the High Court proceedings.

'The Judge saw through his lies and dismissed every one of Mr Holyoake's claims. We look forward to time more positively spent with our families and in our respective businesses'.

The brothers said the case had 'caused unwarranted damage to our personal and business lives'.

Mr Holyoake, whose company was also part of the action, said in a statement: 'We, the claimants, are in a state of disbelief that Mr Justice Nugee has not ruled in our favour and intend to seek an appeal with immediate urgency.'Anyone reading today's judgment will see that there are currently no winners here.'I stand by our allegations and maintain that my own actions were deployed in self protection and wholly justified in the circumstances.'The Candy brothers were awarded an interim payment of £5.7million towards their legal costs.

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