Cep updating

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The system is used by individuals to apply for, or renew, teaching certificates.

One must apply using the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS - pronounced "moe-ex").

Students can be copied to a different test cycle, reassigned an assessment, unassigned from an assessment, change content areas to be assess, change the mode of testing (online or paper/pencil), add or update class/group codes, research code 1 and research code 2.The primary functions of the Secure Site are 1) Pre-identification of Students for both paper and pencil and online assessments, 2) Ordering paper and pencil tests including accommodated versions of the assessments, 3) Incident Reporting, 4) Review of Accountable Students and Test Verification, and 7) Retrieval of data score files and score reports.The Secure Site is available to authorized district and school personnel only.The experience report form is found in the "Forms" area within your MOECS account.Use additional forms when experience is with multiple employers. How do I apply for a Michigan teaching certificate if I completed my program and/or received my certificate in another state?

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