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About 200 rounds of ammunition was found in an underground car park in West Berlin - but officers quickly ruled out any terror link.The discovery came with Germany still on high alert after a wave of terror attacks and almost a year after a jihadist killed 12 by crashing a lorry through a market in the city.The Falkenhagen complex lies between Berlin and the Polish border and has a history going back to before WW2.Under German management, it was to comprise of two separate production facilities, only one of which was subsequently used by the Russians.Today, the majority of bunkers in West Germany are sealed and no longer accessible but in the east its a different story; there is less money and high unemployment.Initially many of the bunkers and their associated military complexes were taken over by the German Army (Bundeswehr) but the majority of them were soon declared surplus to requirements and abandoned.

The compound is remarkable for the extraordinary vigour with which it reacts.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

German police descended on a Christmas market in Berlin after two bags of bullets were found under a nearby mosque last night.

Most elements are attacked explosively and if not they can be ignited by a fragment of charcoal.

This part of Falkenhagen continued to be extended until February 1943 at a total cost of 100 million Reich marks and was known as Muna Ost (Munitions Plant East).

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