Amidating enzyme

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Other receptors are composed of multiple polypeptides.

For example, the insulin receptor is a disulfide-linked tetramer with the β-subunits spanning the membrane and the α-subunits located on the exterior surface.

In addition, mimosine is competitive vs ascorbate with K(is) = 3.5 micro M for the nonglycosylated alpha-AE and K(is) = 4.2 micro M for the glycosylated alpha-AE.

Receptors for most amino acid-derived hormones and all peptide hormones are located on the plasma membrane.Plasma carrier proteins exist for all classes of endocrine hormones.Carrier proteins for peptide hormones prevent hormone destruction by plasma proteases.Subsequent to hormone binding, a signal is transduced to the interior of the cell, where second messengers and phosphorylated proteins generate appropriate metabolic responses.The main second messengers are c AMP, Ca), and diacylglycerol (DAG).

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